Jean Exline

Senior Designer/Sales

Jean has been with Crestwood Design Center since 2004 and has been honored to earn the company’s Outstanding Design and Sales Person of the Year Award on multiple occasions. Her most recent achievement was reaching 1 Million Dollars in sales for 2018!

With years of first-rate design and project experience, Jean Exline has brought her own special creative talents to the execution of many custom Midwestern interiors. Jean has developed an exceptionally strong sense for custom cabinetry and the details that make her residential interiors both functional and distinctively memorable.

Jean graduated first from Salina South High School and then went on to earn her Bachelor  Degree in Elementary Education from Kansas State University. Her interiors bring a delightful contemporary senses of whimsy and fun to any given space. Combining a rich palette of materials with unique fixtures and state of the art appliances, Jean’s designs inevitably appeal to a broad range of individual tastes. Her strong professional sense for color, texture, and proportion and matched by her upbeat and enthusiastic approach to project management.

She consistently listens and responds to each client’s wishes delivering project after project with her customer’s visions realized. Not only are clients pleased with her talents, but often suppliers, contractors, and tradesmen request an opportunity to work with Jean. She claims that the best part of any project is seeing real excitement, pride, and sincere gratitude in the eyes of her clients when work comes to a close.